Crazy Kid

Tough Kid


So I just got off the phone with the nurse from Ally’s doctor’s office. Apparently Ally has/had Hand Foot and Mouth disease. Sounds scary, huh? But it seems like it wasn’t really a big deal for her. The nurse figures that she is basically over it. I only called because she has a rash on her feet that has stuck around for a while and I had to make her 2 year appointment anyway. She’s had the rash some on her hands and had a nasty diaper rash too. Reading up on it online it seems it usually involves mouth sores too. I haven’t noticed those and other than this rash she’s been perfectly normal and she hasn’t acted like anything has been hurting or bugging her.

But still, my poor kid had something that includes the word “disease” and I didn’t know it. How terrible of a mom am I?

My mom would probably just tell me that I didn’t notice anything because Ally is just a tough kid. She’s been commenting on how strong she is since the day she was born. Maybe Ally just takes after the strong women in the family. My mom basically never got sick (or never got sick enough to pay attention to the fact that she might not be feeling well). The one time she got the flu all the rest of us did too, so she had to power through and take care of everyone else anyway.

My mom would also point out that when I am not whining over little papercuts, I’m pretty tough for the big things. Like when I was 8 months pregnant and fell down the stairs and took the entire brunt of the fall on my face. I had not a bruise anywhere on the rest of my body but I really, really broke my face. The full details of this are a story for another time, but what my mom would remind me of would be when the plastic surgeon interns were checking out my severely smashed nose and one of them grabbed it and sort of moved it back and forth and I didn’t flinch. My panicked mother said with wide eyes “didn’t that hurt!?!” and I replied “well, yeah, of course.” The doctors joked that they’ve made professional athletes scream and cry by doing that and they were pretty impressed with my lack of response too.

So perhaps Ally is just a tough kid and would rather play and have fun than complain about a little hand foot and mouth disease?


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