Crazy Kid

Hanging with the wrong crowd


Apparently my child likes bad boys. I suspected we were in trouble when she lost her mind with excitement every time she saw a motorcycle and again when she broke into tears when the skateboarding pre-teen boys headed off down the street.

But the other day when we picked her up from daycare we found an “incident report” in Ally’s box. The first words I saw on the report were: “talked to the child about their behavior.” Oh no!! What has she done?!? I frantically looked for other clues on the report. I saw boxes checked that included Other Child, Scratch, and Face. Had Ally scratched another kid? Or had another kid scratched her?

We headed off to the gym where the class was playing, secretly hoping to find Ally with a scratch on her face. I felt like a crazy person wanting my child to be injured, but a scratch didn’t sound like anything she couldn’t handle and it seemed better than her scratching someone else.

When we found her class, Ally’s face looked okay. Uh oh. Her teachers saw me and smiled and said “I guess you found the report.” I quickly asked if Ally was the scratcher or the scratchee and breathed a giant sigh of relief when they said that another kid scratched her. Apparently the mark had already faded away. Whew!

But then the teachers told me that Ally had started hanging out with the class bully. Yes, her “young toddler” class has a bully. I am guessing playing with this kid resulted in the injury. The other effect of her hanging with the bully is that she is starting to copy what he does, including ignoring her teachers. I am guessing that Ally is typically pretty good and pretty easy to deal with and maybe one of the only ones like that because her teachers seemed really concerned that she might be going to the dark side.

So how do you stop a 2 year old from playing with another kid in their class? That had us and our teachers stumped. We decided her teachers would start trying to distract her and asking her to play with the sweet kids in the class. And Chris and I spent the rest of the day talking about all of her friends in her class. We’d say “Is Nice Girl your friend?” “Yes!” “Is Nice Boy your friend?” “Yes!” “Is Bully your friend?” “No! Bully is a bad boy!”

Are we terrible people?

I’m guessing there will be plenty of this in the future so we should start practicing our approach now.


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