Crazy Kid


Lately I’ve spent a lot of time in rooms by myself with the doors closed. It’s not by choice. It’s Ally’s new thing. She closes doors. All the doors. All the time. Sometimes she closes herself in. Sometimes she closes herself out. Sometimes she insists we stay in. Sometimes she insists we stay out.

She has a plan, I just don’t know what it is. So I sit and wait until she wants the door open. Because while she’s an excellent closer, she hasn’t figured out the opening.

Chris keeps threatening to take all the doors off the hinges. I’m sure that would come in handy when she’s a teenager.

But while sitting in a room by myself with the door closed I realize that it’s sorta nice. It’s not something I get the chance or think to do often. My mom would sometimes recommend it as a way to get away when I needed it and I never really did it. But now I understand. It’s calming. Even when it’s only in 20 second intervals.

So when you have a chance later, go in a room and close the door behind you and just sit there. Let me know if its even more relaxing without a toddler on the other side trying to get back in.


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