Crazy Kid


“Dada” is the first word for most babies. Ally was no exception. Some moms are really upset by this. They think they deserve to be recognized first for that whole pregnancy and birth process. My mom prepared me for this. Dada is just easier to say. Plus, isn’t it nice to let dad in on a milestone for once?

So, I was happy to hear that first “dada” when she babbled it well over a year ago. She eventually said mama too (although I may have come after the dog). But since dada was her first word, she’s been saying that or daddy for a really long time now. However, for some reason over the past few weeks, she has gotten confused…

It started with her calling Chris “Mister Daddy” which was one of the most adorable things ever. Chris kept correcting her and telling her that she could just call him daddy. I figured they were working on calling their teachers “Miss” at school and that may have triggered the new formal salutation.

Mister Daddy only lasted a few days and once he was gone “Danny” arrived. Danny is the same Chris that I married and he is the same daddy that Ally has always had. But now his name is Danny instead of daddy.

I don’t think Ally knows any Danny’s so I’m not really sure where it came from. She hasn’t forgotten how to make D sounds because when we correct her she says it back to us correctly. She hasn’t changed any other words. I haven’t heard her classmates calling their dads Danny. So I really don’t know what caused this name change but it’s now been a few weeks of her consistently calling daddy Danny. “That Danny’s seat” she’ll say pointing at Chris’s chair at the table. “Danny’s home!” she’ll yell when she hears the door open. “Here come Danny!” she’ll shriek as they play chase around the house.

Sometimes I’ll correct her and tell her that his name is daDDy. But sometimes I just go with it and call him Danny too. Its sort of cute and endearing that she has a little nickname for him. My 16-year-old niece calls her dad by his first name (his actual first name, not one she made up like Ally has, of course). At first I thought it was weird but over time it grew on me and now it seems sweet. Perhaps it’s just the way the girls in this generation of my family show how close they are to their dannies – I mean daddies.

Now I’m jealous…  😉


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