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Ally seems to have entered the 25 month sleep regression. I call it that because every time she has had trouble sleeping, I have searched Google, and each and every time I found a “sleep regression” for whatever age Ally was at the time. Each time, what I find online tells me that Ally is learning so many new things and growing so much that it is interrupting her sleep. I personally feel like there isn’t a single day since Ally was born that she hasn’t grown and learned tons of new things so I suppose I should just be happy that she has ever slept at all. I’d have stopped my Google searches on sleep by now, but I like to prove to myself that Ally isn’t the only kid in the world having trouble sleeping and that eventually she will sleep again. Its comforting. And in my sleep deprived state, I always hope to find a website that says something like “all you have to do is say ‘there’s no place like sleep’ and click your heels together three times and your child will fall fast asleep.” But all I find are sleep books and processes that take longer to read about than her actual sleep regression lasts.

Every time I discussed sleep problems with my mom, she sincerely empathized but always told me that she was no good at getting kids to sleep either. She told me stories of how she used rub our backs until we fell asleep and then crawl out of the room on her hands and knees, holding her breath as she closed the door hoping we wouldn’t wake up.

I’m just as terrible at the sleeping thing as my mom was and I’ve done the back rub and sneak out routine quite a bit. During her 15 month sleep regression, I got lazy and just sat in the glider in her room rather than rubbing her back. Perhaps I don’t have as much patience as my mom but I tell myself I was just trying to find a balance between what Ally wanted, which was me being there, and what I wanted, which was Ally putting herself to sleep (and having time to mindlessly sit and play on my phone).

During the latest round of sleeplessness, I found out that the glider is now too creaky and Ally sleep is too light for me to be able to sneak out of the room. So I started sitting in the hallway. It’s actually sorta comfy and I highly recommend it if you’ve got a kid who is in one of the various sleep regression phases. Plus its hands down the easiest place to sneak away from. I’ve only had to sit out there a few times fortunately, but Ally must really enjoy it because now every time we put her to bed, as soon as the stories are finished she says “sit on hallway” over and over and over again. Last night she tried to kick me out to the hallway before I even got a chance to read to her. But as long as she goes to sleep, I suppose I shouldn’t complain.


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