Crazy Kid


I think my daughter’s immune system might be full of tiny ninjas.

Earlier this week, we picked up our usual energetic, talkative goofball from daycare. An hour or so later it seemed as it something was “off.” Ally was breathing weird – almost like she was out of breath even though she was just standing there talking. She seemed to be gasping for breath sometimes and was breathing pretty fast.

I took her temperature. 100.5. Not a huge deal, but definitely a fever. The breathing thing was freaking me out so I called the doctor. I got the usual: give her Tylenol; if her fever gets worse, call us back; make sure she’s drinking and peeing. The nurse also had to ask if Ally had been out of the country or in contact with anyone from Africa in the last 21 days. I replied, “no, I don’t think it’s Ebola.”

We spent the rest of the evening watching tv and eating dinner. When it was time for bed Ally got crazy fussy and was squirming around like she just couldn’t get comfortable. I sat her up in my lap and took her temperature. In the three seconds that it took the thermometer to work (101.0), Ally was fast asleep.

She went from uncomfortably wriggling all over the place and whining to completely fast asleep in 3 seconds flat. My daughter who won’t nap for us on weekends, my daughter who begs me to “sit on the hallway” every night and who shouts “goodnight” dozens of times as we leave the room, my daughter who can stay awake for four-hour car trips, my daughter who hasn’t fallen asleep in my arms in I don’t even know how long actually fell asleep sitting up with a thermometer under her arm.

Needless to say, the sudden sleep added to my freaked-out-ed-ness. I wished I could call my mom to get her view – she was always how I gauged what my worry-level should be. So I texted my sister to find out if this was a normal act of a sick kid. She confirmed that the sleepiness is nothing to worry about and tried to Google-diagnose the weird breathing. Eventually, after much debate and concern, I reluctantly agreed to put Ally in her crib to sleep for the night – mostly because sitting in the middle of the room with a sleeping toddler on my lap had caused all of my limbs to fall asleep.

She slept through the night. The next morning I went into her room and found that usual energetic, talkative goofball that I love so much. No fever. No fuss. It was like the previous night had never happened. I felt like a fool for freaking out the night before. I pride myself on not overreacting to little things, but looking at my child with no sign of ever having been sick after I had almost considered taking her to the emergency room not 12 hours earlier, made me feel like I had ventured into the hysterical mother zone.

That’s when I decided that she must have ninjas in her immune system. She was clearly on the verge of being very sick, but these ninjas jumped out of the shadows of her blood cells and beat the crud out of whatever sickness was happening. They obviously exhausted her in the process causing her to breathe like she was running a race and then completely pass out. But they did their job and for that I am thankful!

Ninjas clip art


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