Crazy Kid


Although she would not be surprised by it, I am sure my mom would be impressed by Ally’s incredible imagination. Through my mom, I learned the value of imagination. I am sure she is the reason why Dr. Seuss can make me weepy. And Ally’s imagination is bigger and more creative and more kooky than I ever could have dreamed.

I expected her to do things like pretend to go to the grocery store and push her grocery cart around. Or sit in a box and tell us she was riding on a train. But lately she’s been scripting and directing us in her own little scenes.

This new way of playing now involves assigning Chris and I to various characters and giving us lines to repeat. When she is in the bathtub, I often have to play the part of a witch and yell things like “Noooo! My potion!! It’s glowing!” And almost every night after dinner we play a game where Chris is a monster and Ally and I are running away from him. Ally has started scripting this game too and telling me to say things like “Don’t take my baby,” and then Chris is supposed to yell “Mine!” I’m not the biggest fan of this game and Ally often ends up seeming legitimately scared even though we are just doing everything she tells us to do.

Since her new obsession is Charlie Brown, we’ve been spending lots of time playing various Peanuts characters. Ally is always Linus and she’ll find some blanket to drag along behind her. She usually makes me Charlie Brown and then Chris gets to be whoever else comes to mind – I usually suggest Lucy or Peppermint Patty. Sometimes we seem to be reenacting scenes from A Charlie Brown Christmas and other times we’re just going through our normal life as Peanuts characters.

She’s also super bossy and specific. When we were driving home the other day she wanted me to call “danny” (who was in the car with us) using a pedometer she got from lost and found at the theatre. Apparently, I have no clue how to use a pedometer as a phone. If she had an understudy for me, she would have totally fired me from my role. Eventually I figured out I was supposed to hold it to my right ear with my right hand with the blue part towards the bottom. Once that got sorted out, I was allowed to continue the scene of calling “danny” to discuss a boo-boo.

Since I stopped keeping up with the things your child should do at certain ages, I don’t know if she’s on to these things early, but it sure seems to me like she developing fast. I just hope that whoever is working on the device where I can climb into her brain and see what she’s thinking about hurries up. I am sure things are even more interesting in her head!


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