I’m Back…A Year and a Half Later…

Clearly I’ve taken some time off from this blog. I don’t have any good reason – simple lack of time and inspiration and generally not feeling like it. Then I let the site expire so I’ve had to totally rebuild. But now I am feeling like it again, so here I am.

You’d think a TON of stuff would have happened in 18 months. And it has. But a lot has stayed the same. I still sit in the hallway while Ally falls asleep. Ally still has no table manners (but rather than utensil trouble, its more about sitting still trouble). And there is still a big hole in my life where my mom used to be. I am usually pretty good at filling it with her stories and memories but every now and then the emptiness hits me.

I decided that this blog was too important to me to let go. Along with that, it became clear that I needed to define for myself why this blog was important and what purpose it should serve. After some good thinking, I summed everything up into three goals:

  • To keep my mother’s humor, parenting style, and stories alive.
  • To connect a community of parents who are dealing with the same things (“things” meaning anything from serious issues like bullying or whatever it is that is happening in the world to not-so-serious-issues-but-seemingly-huge-problems like “my daughter has been talking non-stop for 2 hours and 37 minutes and she shows no sign of stopping”).
  • To share humorous parenting stories, successes, and struggles in hopes others will laugh along and learn to find the humor in their own successes and struggles because if we are all smiling, the world will be a nicer place.

I hope you enjoy the reinvented What Would My Mom Say. Be sure to comment and let me know if there are specific things you’d like to hear about or talk about.




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