I lost my mom in June 2014 to ovarian cancer. My mom was my best friend, my advisor, my comic relief, my shoulder to cry on, and, most importantly, my mother. Now my mom is my inspiration.

I have a beautiful, silly toddler daughter and I would call my mom nearly every day to share stories of what she was up to and to ask for advice on everything. My mom always had a story to tell to relate to whatever my challenge of the day was and she always made me feel like I was doing the right thing.

So now, since I can’t pick up the phone and call my mom, I am writing down what advice my mom has given me in the past and what advice I think she would give me now. I always wanted my mom to write a book because I thought her stories and philosophies should be shared with the world. My mom’s parenting (and life) approach was low on stress and drama and high on instinct. She believed in her children in an unwavering and intrinsic way and fostered that belief in us. We had family dinners every night and now we all still get along great even with spouses and kids thrown in the mix. I know my mom had it right and I want to raise my family the way she raised hers.

This blog will focus on parenting stories from the time my daughter was first born. I’ll also throw in stories from my childhood, family meal recipes, some thoughts on life without my mom, and other random tidbits.